Studio T — original women’s knitwear 

Studio T is a Russian fashion enterprise which makes produce under the Studio T brand — knitted outwear for women. Studio T develops and supplements the catalogue with new collections thrice a year: autumn, winter, and spring-summer. Due to the large volume of developed items and frequent collection change, a wide range of limited edition knitwear items is always available to customers.


Oksana Volgina The enterprise was founded in 1993. The founding initiator, managing and art director of Studio T since the foundation up to the present time has been Oksana Alekseyevna Volgina. Oksana VOlgina graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry in 1987; after graduation she had an internship in Sverdlovsk Fashion House.

1993 creation of own enterprise Studio T 
1996 ‘Efficient production’ internship in the USA
2001 ‘Business and fashion’ internship in Japan

Studio T pays a lot of attention to fashion industry development, and, apart from her own creative activities, Oksana Volgina and her team of designers create the brand’s main season collections. The company provides opportunities for creative fulfillment both to young and to established Russian designers, creating and demonstrating on the runway collections created on the basis of their drafts. After the show these models also become a part of Studio T’s limited edition collection. 


Studio T has been repeatedly awarded as the creator of high quality fashionable clothes at various contests and trade fairs. It is the bearer of Yekaterinburg Quality mark. Here are some of the awards and titles that were granted to Studio T brand.
Golden zip Diploma Diploma
‘Golden zip’ prize for Lidia Orlova’s ‘ANNA.Version’ collection Podium 2007 contest laureate diploma, 2nd prize in the ‘Pret-a-porter’ nomination, Brno, Czech Republic, for Anna Konova’s ‘Colibri’ collection Federal wholesale trade fair certificate of participation, Moscow, for high consumer properties of Studio T brand clothing collections
Diamond button Diploma Yekaterinburg Quality
‘Diamond button’ prize for Lidia Orlova’s ‘A bit of sun in cold water’ collection Vyacheslav Zaytzev Contest n.a. Nadezhda Lamanova laureate diploma, 2nd prize for Anna Konova’s ‘Orange autumn’ collection Produce was honored with Yekaterinburg Quality mark

School uniform

School uniform is another type of produce made under Studio T brand, the creation of which gets as much attention from the firm as our main direction – knitted outwear for women. It is just as high quality and stylish clothing as that presented in the main collection. Studio T’s school uniform was also awarded with Yekaterinburg Quality mark. It is available to all Russian citizens, you can buy it on

Wholesale and retail knitwear

In Studio T you can buy wholesale and retail knitwear items, the range of which allows you to create a complete wardrobe of a modern woman. These are office wear collections and going-out collections, real urban casual style, comfortable and practical, of flawless quality and wonderful designer finds. It is profitable and convenient to cooperate with us, our goods have been successfully sold for over 20 years!