Women's Knitwear Catalog

Трикотаж оптом и в розницу

Russian knitwear for women

In our online store www.studio-t.ru you can buy a wide range of quality women’s knitwear: knitted coats, cloaks, jackets, jumpers, vests, dresses, pinafores, skirts, trousers. All this range of knitwear can be purchased in Moscow or Vladivostok, Saint Petersburg or any other city in Russia. The ordered knitwear will be delivered by post or by a transport company.

Having made a purchase in the online store www.studio-t.ru you will look modern and presentable, this is a high quality fashionable knitwear store. Studio T’s produce always follows fashion trends, and manufacturing technology, accessories and décor are chosen with excellent taste.

It should be noted that the high quality of Studio T’s produce doesn’t mean that garment care will be troublesome for you, because our items are best washed in an automatic washing machine in ‘Wool’ mode, without any damage to their quality. Due to the fibrous structure of the yarn that we use to make fabrics for our produce, items don’t shrink after washing, don’t get out of shape or lose appearance in wear.